Our Promise to Parents

We promise to: 

  1. Teach all children about the love and life-changing news of Jesus Christ
  2. Provide a safe place for young people to gather
  3. Foster friendships between everyone!

Minecraft Youth Group...


We are so happy to offer a new place for young people of all ages to get together, make friends, and learn about God on the Minecraft platform. We are calling it VibeChurch. 

Young people can play the server and mini-games all week and then gather for a discipleship time we are calling Weekly Meetups every Sunday at 4:30pm Central Time.  Meetups are led by an adult and focus on knowing God and growing in Christ.

How to connect > VibeChurch.Games [Minecraft Java Edition, Versions 1.7-1.17]

We also have a Discord server so we can voice chat in the game. See below.


During Smoke Church

During Smoke Church Worship times our kids will have the opportunity to learn about Jesus, meet one another, and have fun!

What will it look like? Let's just say it will be loud, fun, and active. 

Kids of all ages welcome.

During Heritage Worship

While the sermon is going on at Heritage Worship, our Children's Minister will take the young ones to the fellowship hall to learn about God and have some fun. The rest of the time, they will join the older folks up front.