Smoke Church!

Postponed for now

It is too cold to meet outside for a meal. See you this Summer!

Okay, let's say you aren't fond of participating in the "old fashioned" style of Sunday morning. What are you to do? Go to Smoke Church, of course!  Held in our church parking lot behind the building.

Imagine a different kind of worship service outside...with BBQ!  Now you're talking! During this time we get together to worship God, build community, and eat some awesome food. 



What to Expect

We will have "church" but not in the usual way. We will sit around the smokers and worship God, get to know one another, and eat some yummy food.

This is a full-fledged church service but done in an unusual way. There will be prayer, scripture, a message, and maybe Communion once in a while. A children's time will also happen so that our young ones can learn about God's love.

What to Bring


  • a worship experience
  • a time for kids to learn and play
  • smoked meat, paper plates, and napkins (lots of them!)

If you want to:

  • bring a chair
  • bring a smoker if you have one