Traditional Again Worship

Sundays, 10AM

Our 10AM Sunday worship service is intentionally designed to look and sound like something from decades back. Why? Because some people love that style of worship and they want to feel that way again, perhaps like when they were children. Our goal in this service is to sing the heart-music of an older generation and help them worship God in a way they remember.

In the 10AM worship service you will:

Sing beloved hymns

Hear amazing piano pieces

Meet new folks

Worship God; Father, Son, and Spirit  

Our Building

Our church building is very easy to get in to and is all on one level. In the front of the building you will find handicap parking spaces and a ramp leading to the front door. Around on the back side of the building anyone can get in and out easily through the back door that leads to the Fellowship Hall. And someone is always willing to lend a helping hand. :-)

Bus Service Available

Need a hand getting to church? Our wheelchair accessible bus is always running to help folks get to and from Sunday events as well as other days. If you need to be picked up, please call the church office and arrange it with Kelly. The Office number is