Our core values:

Multiplying—God has huge dreams for us and to accomplish those dreams we must multiply. We will embrace a multiplying mindset to multiply and grow disciples, groups, leaders, and churches, seeking not our own fame but the glory of Christ Jesus.

Hospitality—We always extend a gracious welcome and the gift of community to everyone, both inside and outside our congregation. 

Excellence—Our God and the people we serve are worthy of our best. In everything we do, all our facilities, every production, every group, we will pursue excellence and refuse to accept mediocrity.

Innovation - We believe in a bright future that requires bold action. We always design and implement new and creative ideas, even at risk of failure. We recognize that the world is constantly changing and to succeed we must constantly be willing to act and think dynamically.

Compassion- We always act with great compassion. We will be “for” and “with” those who are in need of any kind. We will give of our time, energies, talents, and resources to show the love of God and relieve their suffering. We always love, forgive, and welcome.

Engagement—We always seek to provide important and pertinent information and opportunities to our church and the wider community, enabling everyone to become committed participants in the easiest way possible. 


Homestead Church is a movement of people daring to follow Jesus. As a lively Christian community, we seek to nurture, inspire, love & serve the city of Rochester. There are many opportunities to help you connect with what God is doing at Homestead. We would love to help you and your family find the perfect fit!

We have a heart for the children of God. We exist to serve the young, young adult, and young-at-heart; and desire to foster loving relationships between God and one another.

Homestead has a long history in the city of Rochester and has been a place of belonging for many generations. And yet, we believe God is continually at work and bringing forth new things. As result of God's continued work in our lives, Homestead Church took a leap of faith and moved to the North side of Rochester in 2013, desiring to re-establish ourselves as a community church that transforms lives (and has fun together!) through worship, friendship, learning & service. Currently, we rent space in Bandel Heights Business Center (look for the KTTC tower!),  but own land near Gibbs School, with plans to build in the future.

We want to be a place where you, and your entire family, can connect with God, others, and experience fully Christ's love.

Hope to see you soon, 

Pastor Aaron