Nov. 27th -- The First Sunday of Advent

This first Sunday of Advent begins our waiting for Christmas Day when we celebrate the coming of Jesus, the Messiah. For a bit of fun, this year we are using "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens as a way of celebrating Advent and Christmas.

The first Sunday of Advent -- The Ghost of Christmas Past!

Dec. 4th -- The Second Sunday of Advent

We look forward to Christmas Day as we worship our God again through song, Word, and prayer.

This second Sunday of Advent -- The Ghost of Christmas Present!

Today all families will receive a Tree Ornament to gift to someone they love. :-)

Dec. 11th -- The Third Sunday of Advent

Our fun continues on this third Sunday of looking ahead to the coming of Christ on Christmas Day. 

The theme of this Sunday is "The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come."

Each family will receive a fresh cutting of mistletoe (a Victorian England tradition) to gift to someone they love.

Dec. 18th -- The Fourth Sunday of Advent

The last Sunday of Advent and the last Sunday before Christmas!

Our theme for this Sunday is "A Scrooge Moment."

Again, each family will receive an item to give to their loved ones. 

Christmas Eve Candles and Carols, 4pm

Before you change into pajamas, eat a fun meal, drink eggnog, or open presents . . . join us in a traditional celebration of Jesus' birth! We're talking candles, carols, the Christmas story, and maybe some wassail! This is the perfect way to set you up for a fabulous Christmas weekend.

See you there!

Christmas Day Worship 10am

Christmas Day falls on a Sunday this year (you knew that, right?), and so our church will gather at its usual Sunday time to give praise to our God. This one should be fun, so make sure to get out of bed, take a shower, brush your teeth, and mosey on over to worship the King!