Homestead offers two distinct worship services every Sunday morning, with coffee in between. Regardless of which service you choose to attend, a few things remain the same: we promise a warm welcome, weekly communion, hot coffee, and engaging worship. Most importantly: YOU, and your entire family, are welcome, exactly as you are today.

Traditional Worship @ 9

Our earlier worship service is more traditional and grounded in liturgy and hymns. You're more likely to find our pastors wearing albs & stoles with classic hymns and piano accompaniment. The gathered community is young-at-heart and a blend of life-long Methodists and those new-to-faith. You're as likely to see a suit & tie as khakis & polos. Every worship includes communion and a staffed nursery. We also have a Van Ministry available if you need a ride, simply contact the church office.

Band Led Worship @ 10.30

Our second service is intentionally family-friendly; led by our pastors and house band. Through songs, videos, communion, and a message we draw nearer to God and one another. This worship is casual. You're likely to see little ones dancing and participating in worship, hear infant's cooing, and see your neighbor uploading photos or reflections to Facebook. Every worship includes modern music, an engaging message, communion, and a special time for our children (in & out of the worship space).

Beginning 12/23/18: #OneHomestead Worship @ 10a

We are so excited to soon experience the return #OneHomestead! We look forward to worshipping together as one community. You can expect the same warm welcome, as well as excellent music by our pianist and house band. Each week we will share in holy communion, sing new & familiar songs, and be inspired by God's word revealed in sermons and scripture. Families are encouraged to worship together, as is most comfortable for you, but we also offer a staffed nursery (0-4) and Sunday School (PK-gr 4) during the service (kids begin and end in worship, but exit briefly for a message of their own during the sermon).

Children in Worship

We believe children are an essential part of our faith community. We encourage families to worship in whatever way is most comfortable for you. In addition to worshipping as a family, we offer these options for children:

Parent + Baby Room -- We know sometimes babies need a little extra, quiet space. This room is designed with you in mind! It includes a rocking chair, changing table, and soft, baby toys. Plus, audio of the service is streamed in! Please note, we encourage you to feed & care for your baby wherever is most comfortable for you; this room is merely one option. You are always welcome to stay in the worship area or lounge on the couches in the gathering space, too!

Nursery -- We offer a staffed nursery for infants & toddlers (under 4) during every worship service. You are invited to check your child in before or during worship. A common practice is to begin worship with your child, checking them into the nursery before the sermon.

Sunday School -- Available for our pk- gr 4 crew (approx ages 4-9): families begin worship together, separating during the message.

We also offer a Middle School Youth Group for kids in grades 5-8. This group meets every other week following the second service.