Events for 2021

  • Sunday School with April Justice

    Join April Justice on Facebook each Sunday after our regular worship - this program is just for the kids ages K-5th! Starts at 10:30 am every Sunday, this is a platform for kids to ask questions they have about anything from Jesus to the Ark! 

    Join Zoom Meeting Information:

    Meeting ID: 733 6041 2910

    Passcode: Xtd8BB

  • The 52 Challenge

    This is an ongoing event that can be participated in throughout the year! Church members are challenged to invite someone to church or talk to them about Jesus each week of the year! Keep track of who you invite or talk with and reflect on it at the end of the year. Let's spread the word of our Lord, Jesus! 

  • Ash Wednesday, 2/17/21

    Due to our present MN state COVID restrictions our annual Ash Wednesday services are CANCELED.  We would rather be safe than sorry. 

  • Lent 2021 Gospel of Matthew Reading Challenge

    Want to challenge yourself this Lenten season? We challenge each of you to read one chapter of the Gospel of Matthew each day during Lent (Feb 17 - Apr 3). Why? Because you will see the wider strokes of the Messiah story as you enter Holy Week and can better appreciate the events that took place in Jerusalem nearly 2000 years ago. Besides, why not ADD something great into your life for LENT instead of taking something away? 

    Step 1: Choose a day to start

    Step 2:  Choose a time and place to read and STICK TO IT! (let's face it, we're flakes who will give up too easily if we aren't focused and disciplined)

    Step 3: Read one full chapter of Matthew each day

    Step 4: Think about how that chapter fits into the larger narrative of Jesus' life and ministry

    Step 5: Go all the way through and celebrate! Share with someone you know!

    Step 6: Eat donuts and bacon, because...WHY NOT!

  • Instagram Photo Contest During Lent

    Every Wednesday and Sunday during the Lent season (Feb 17-Apr 3), a theme will be posted to our Instagram feed. Your job is to take a photo representative of that theme and tag us in it. At the end of each week, everyone will choose their favorite photo, and at the end of Lent, everyeone will choose their favorite photo.